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Are you ready to start exchanging referrals with other like-minded Jakarta professionals?

Exchange referrals every week over breakfast 

JBN helps attendees make the right connections to help develop and grow their businesses. 

At JBN, all attendees are encouraged to help other members by exchanging referrals and introducing them to their target audience. Introductions are encouraged and it is 100% focussed on business. 

How does JBN work?

Members and guests are given the chance to promote their business, personal brand or portfolio each week to the rest of the networking group. Referrals are actively encouraged to help benefit all attendees. The meeting starts at 7:30am in Senayan & 12:00pm in Setiabudi with short elevator pitches where each attendee is allowed to share and explain to the group the type of referrals they are looking to make during that session. 

Each week, one member is given the delivers a more detailed knowledge sharing presentation and Q&A session with the rest of the group to enable other members to better understand their industry, services, who they are and who they looking to be referred to. 

The session concludes with active referral-driven free networking time where attendees are encouraged to refer and help other networkers.

Who should attend? 

JBN members and guests include business owners, entrepreneurs, company directors, consultants, senior management and marketing professionals. JBN is open to anyone; the main objective is business referrals and helping other members to expand their networks. 

At JBN we focus on giving our members more airtime and we encourage a culture of giving referrals to others rather than just self- promotion. 

Where are JBN sessions held?

JBN is held every Tuesday from 7:00am - 9:00am at Sapori Deli, Fairmont Jakarta, Senayan and every Thursday from 11:30am - 1:00pm at Ristorante Da Valentino, MD Place, Setiabudi.